Researching the slot RTP is the first step to victory. The Return to Player Rate (RTP%) is one of the few objective metrics for evaluating online slots. RTP highlights the casino’s edge on a specific game. Knowing the RTP of a slot game provides you with a rough estimate of how much money you will be losing to the casino in the long run.

Although the slots RTP is theoretical and can take millions of spins to average out, finding high RTP slots is still one of the best ways to potentially win more. Although blackjack and video poker games can take the house edge to as low as 0.5%, 99% RTP slots are the best you can hope for.

There aren’t many online slots with such a high payout rate. In fact, we have reviewed all 99% RTP slots available at online casinos right here. Since the RTP only reflects the long-term payouts of the machines, read below to pick the one that comes closest to your preferences.

Online Slots with 99% RTP Reviewed

It has been years since casino developers released the last 99% RTP online slot machine, meaning you won’t find the latest mechanics and bonus features.

Having said that, several of the 99% RTP slots set you up for a fun ride. Here is the complete list of slots with a 1% house edge:

Continue below for our in-depth reviews of each and a sneak peek into the online casinos you can play them today.

Goblin’s Cave – Playtech

Playtech’s Goblin’s Cave is the highest RTP online slot ever developed, averaging 99.32%. The slot game adopts a prehistoric theme and symbols laid out on a 3-reel and 3-rows format with 3 paylines. The game is inspired by one-armed bandits still featured at Vegas casinos.

Aside from its high RTP, Goblin’s Cave is a hold-and-spin game. What this means is that you can pay a higher bet for selected symbols to remain on the reels, while the rest spin for potential winning combos.

Players can win for at least three identical symbols on a payline unless the wild assists in winning combos. There is also a fun bonus game you can enter by landing three scatter symbols on the Goblin’s Cave grid.

Book of 99 – Relax Gaming

The Book of 99 slots not only has a 99% RTP but also modern gameplay. Relax Gaming created this slot with 5×3 gameplay and 10 paylines. Players can expect 1/3 spins to result in a win, and the maximum win you can expect is slightly over 12,000x your bet. The game is playable from as low as $0.1 to $100 per round.

Despite the unique Greek mythology theme and modern graphics, the game is similar to other book slots if you leave aside the massive long-term payouts. Players will encounter wilds and scatters, with the latter triggering 10 free spins with expanding symbols. There is nothing else to hope for, except for additional free spin retriggers to get near or top the max win cap.

Ohh Ahh Dracula – SG Interactive

Ohh Ahh Dracula was developed by Barcrest back in 2015, before the company entered the SG Interactive network. Although their success was associated with Rainbow Riches and either Irish slot machines, Ohh Ahh Dracula has a spooky theme underpinned by cartoon symbols and graphics. The game has an RTP of 96%, although it increases to 99% when you employ the Big Bet feature.

The actual gameplay is exciting, with stacked wilds and scatters that trigger free spins. Players get to choose between 15 free spins and one wild symbol or select a lower number of spins but additional wild symbols for larger winning potential. Ohh Ahh Dracula is one of the first slot machines to let users choose their free spins bonus volatility, and the 99% RTP only adds to its unique aspects.

Mega Joker – NetEnt

Mega Joker is another slot where players must add some risk to get the maximum 99% RTP. Here, you must always opt-in for the Super Meter game that can be triggered when landing a win while betting the maximum 10 coins on every payline.

The actual gameplay involves fruits and bells making it a classic slot with 3-reels, 3-rows, and 5 paylines. The payouts for matching three identical symbols on a line are displayed next to the game grid, and the only special feature you can look forward to is the progressive jackpot. This can be won during any spin randomly, keeping your adrenaline in the red during the whole session.

Monopoly Big Event – SG Interactive

The Monopoly Big Event is another high RTP slot that made it to our list. Its standard RTP is 96% but like the other Barcrest game on our list, it can reach 99% when using the Big Bet Feature.

The actual game is a fun digital version of Monopoly where you can land progressive win multipliers, free super spins, or other extras through a fun reveal-to-win bonus round called Big Event Bonus. Stakes range from $0.1 to $500 per spin and you can expect sporadic but hefty wins in the base game.

Ugga Bugga – Playtech

The second-highest RTP slot in the world is Playtech’s Ugga Bugga, standing at 99.07%. This means the game will on average hold 0.93% of all stakes placed. Payouts don’t get much better than this.

Ugga Bugga supports stakes from $0.1 to $50 per round and you can win up to 10,000 coins jackpot. The gameplay is quite unusual, so I recommend starting with the demo to get your head around the format.

Instead of paylines, the game is separated into 10 wooden frames, each featuring one reel and three rows. Every spin results in movements across all frames and you sit back and watch hoping for a combo. Players must match three identical symbols, which is quite hard – but Playtech has added a hold feature where users can pay a premium to turn the reels with selected symbols remaining in place for a chance at bigger wins.

Other than that, the gameplay is fairly standard but that’s fine considering the complexity of its gameplay, high RTP, and hold and spin option.

Jackpot 6,000 – NetEnt

The Jackpot 6,000 slot game is the last 99% RTP online slot you can play. The game looks fairly similar to Mega Joker being a fruit machine with 3-reels and 3-rows and 5 fixed paylines. Players can stake $0.1 to $2 per round to stand a chance at winning the 6000 credits jackpot.

The wild is the only special feature, acting as a standard substitute. However, Jackpot 6,000 also allows for a Supermeter gamble feature after any win. There, you are playing your winnings on a second reel set for additional winning opportunities. If you like classic slot machines, the Jackpot 6,000 should be on your radar.

Best 99% RTP Slot Sites

Not many 99% RTP slots exist, and most have been created several years ago. In most cases, developers release such a crazy payout slot machine to draw attention to their other products, disregarding long-term profits through gameplay.

The extremely high payouts of these slots are their own enemy since casinos are hesitant to add them to their lobbies. A few operators have, though, and you can find them listed above. Use our links, claim a bonus by making a first deposit of $10+, and try to turn it into real money by playing the highest RTP slots in the market.

What are 99% RTP slots?

Return to player is a metric provided by slots developers that indicates the long-term payouts (or hold) of a specific game. Online casinos demand this metric so they can weigh their profits, while also publishing it for transparency purposes.

In essence, the RTP is displayed in a percentage form and indicates how much money you should expect from a game. In more honest terms, how much you will be losing over a period.

The RTP of all online slots is less than 100% since casinos have operational costs and are in the business for profit. Still, you shouldn’t take the games’ RTP at face value since it is calculated across millions of spins and reflects the average payouts of a game based on all wagers placed on it.

A user might land an instant jackpot win on the first spin or lose 2,000 consecutive times. Having said that, going for high RTP slots is a wise choice based on pure numbers.

The average RTP for online slots is 96%, meaning you are supposed to lose $4 for every $100 wagered. 99% RTP slots are the highest you will encounter, essentially only keeping the 1% developer fee.

99% RTP Slots Pros & Cons

Although 99% RTP slots are often treated as the best games ever made, they come with several drawbacks. If you’ve read my previews above you should have already noticed the following:

Varying themesLess special features than typical video slots
Unique gameplayThe maximum RTP often requires higher bets
Great long-term winning oddsVery few titles
99% of RTP slots are powered by legit companiesThe RTP doesn’t reflect the outcome of shorter sessions
Exclusively available onlineUsually banned from bonus wagering
They come at varying volatility (risk) levelsLimited availability at casinos

Is 99% RTP The Highest?

99% is the highest RTP you will encounter at online slots. Considering that slots are luck-based games and the 99% RTP will eventually even out, it shouldn’t be a surprise casinos don’t feature games with higher payouts. Especially when you factor in that companies lending their games to online casinos take 1% of the profits – essentially the casino breaks even with 99% RTP slots.

If you are wondering how online poker games and blackjack variants have 99.5% RTP, it is because this return is only realized when using optimal strategy. Online casinos regularly feature these games hoping newbies will get way lower returns and experienced players will eventually make errors or lose control.

Other High RTP Online Slots

Any slot game with an RTP of 96% and above is considered high RTP online slots. Thankfully, most developers these days power slots ranging between 95 – 97% payouts, removing the need to research the math model of every game you fancy playing.

You can find roughly 10 slots at the 98% RTP range, and over 20 in the 97% range. The vast majority will fall on the 96% average, while progressive jackpot slots tend to have about 90% RTP.

A thing to keep in mind is that some developers create slot machines with a range of RTPs that online casinos can configure at will. This is why reading the paytable of a game before playing is vital to ensure you are getting the highest-paying version of the machine.

Am I Guaranteed High Payouts with 99% RTP Slot Machines?

All online slots have the potential for big wins and big losses. 99% RTP slots will pay on average the most back to players but only in the long run. Anything can happen on a single or sporadic gaming sessions and you should look beyond the slots RTP.

The slots’ theme, visuals, music, reel structure, bonus rounds, betting range, and customizable features shouldn’t take the back seat when reviewing a game. All the above factors should be weighed equally to the long-term payouts.

Key Takeaways

It’s always positive knowing a slot game’s RTP to put things into perspective. The 99% RTP slot machines we have listed and reviewed top the charts in terms of long-term payouts. However, as I explained above the RTP shouldn’t dictate what game you are playing.

There is no harm in trying the above high-paying slots out but you should prioritize games that you are fond of playing and excite you.